Marlow Refugee Action


2020 was a tough year but, with your help, we have been able to achieve a huge amount. We would love to tell you about it, and about our plans for 2021 and beyond – and we would love to hear your ideas about how we can continue to expand and grow our work.

Date and time: Monday 22 February, 6.30–8.00pm
Venue: a device near you

The meeting will take place on Zoom, please email us for the link at


As of June 2019, the number of displaced people around the world is at its highest since the Second World War, at 70.8 million people – nearly the entire population of the UK. 

25.9 million of these people are refugees, over half of whom are under 18 and find themselves fleeing their home countries as a result of persecution, war or violence.

These people are not just numbers – they are individuals like us. They had homes, careers, and social lives; they have children like ours who played sport and laughed with friends; they had promising futures, hopes and dreams.

Although it can feel like there is little we can do individually, together we can make a real and lasting difference.

Since October 2016, Marlow Refugee Action have been connecting people with ways to respond, focusing on projects that have connections in one way or another with our local community. At the heart of what we do is an awareness of how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful area in peace, safety and comfort.

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