Advisory Board

Published by Sarah Jones on

The Trustees of MRA are always looking to expand their knowledge and experience of helping refugees ‘on the ground’. Hence an advisory board has been set up to provide valuable input, expanding their knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking around the issues affecting refugees. This is an important part of helping us select projects to support and to maximise the impact of our funding.

Advisory Board members have distinctive knowledge of the refugee crisis and some have access to networks operating in this space. They all share our goals of providing tangible support on agreed projects and building awareness in Marlow.

Advisory Board meetings are held up to four times a year. The first was held in November 2021 and a second meeting in February 2022. Both meetings have provided insights into the ever-changing situation for refugees and hence the areas where we can most make a difference. We have also learnt a lot about possible new partnerships and other individuals that we could be working with.

The information provided, in addition to that provided by the partners we fund, is helping MRA to target funds where they are most needed within our agreed criteria:

  • we can often only help a small number of people, so we want to make a significant difference
  • we want to make the people and the issues real
  • we want to connect people with the issues
  • we want to support projects that have connections in one way or another with our local community