In 2016 Calais’ infamous ‘Jungle’ migrant camp was demolished by French police but today the migrants still remain in Calais, Dunkirk and the surrounding area, often with little more than a sleeping bag for protection. Their human rights are still under threat and French authorities regularly destroy their tents and belongings in random acts of aggression.

Volunteers from Marlow have spent short periods of time volunteering at organisations operating in Calais, including at the Collective Aid warehouse. In Autumn 2022 MRA provided a financial donation to Collective Aid for their winter appeal.

In October 2019, Marlow resident Dom Ford started a 6 month stint as Warehouse Manager for Collective Aid in Calais. As a result of his experience and discussions with Collective Aid about how best MRA can support the operation, in 2020 MRA part funded a new vehicle for their distributions of tents, sleeping bags and clothing to migrants.

To learn more about life on the front line, you can read from the experiences of a 2020 volunteer, Liz or alternatively, take a look at Dom’s blogs and videos in which he shares the reality of the situation from his time as Warehouse Manager.

The Calais Food Collective (a partner of the UK charity For Refugees) was formed in 2020 to distribute food and water to refugees. In 2022 semi-permanent water tanks were installed at severall informal living sites in Calais. During the hot summer these were refilled several times a day to provide water for the estimated 1500 migrants living in the area. MRA supported this work with funds to go towards their vehicle and fuel costs to enable them to make these distributions.

Inspired to join the cause? Drop us an email to see what we’re currently working on.

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