Samos Legal Centre

Samos tent camp

One of Marlow Refugee Action’s strongest links is with the Greek island of Samos where several of our group have previously volunteered. Located just 5km from Turkey in the Aegean Sea, over 7000 people, as of February 2020, are living in squalid conditions in a camp built for just 700.

With the implementation of the EU-Turkey Deal in March 2016, access to justice for refugees in this ever more overcrowded camp has become increasingly difficult.  

However, since August 2018, Marlow Refugee Action have provided funding to enable the set up and continued operation of a legal centre which has now become a core element to the voluntary work on the island, helping provide free and independent legal counselling to assist refugees in navigating the Greek asylum procedure.

Supplemented by volunteer lawyers from The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin and Avocats sans Frontières, help can be given via workshops on the asylum process, individual counselling and support ahead of asylum interviews and family reunification cases.

We are extremely proud that through the support of our donors we are helping to ensure this valuable work continues. The tireless work of the legal teams ensure over 100 cases per month are handled, alongside countless ad hoc projects, helping families that would otherwise be vulnerable to continued existence in the encampment start new lives and escape the awful conditions.

To learn more about life on the front line, you can take a look through Tom’s blog documenting his time in Greece or if video is more your thing, check out this 2 minute clip in which Jasmine shares her experiences of Samos.

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