Imad’s Syrian Kitchen spring 2020

In collaboration with Coopers, Marlow Refugee Action are bringing Imad’s Syrian Kitchen popup experience to Marlow again this spring. The meal is a mezze of 8 to 10 starters followed by 3 main courses and a dessert. Cooper’s bar will be selling wine and beer to accompany the meal. One of the evenings will be a special Vegan Supper.

Tickets are £40 which includes a £15 donation to Marlow Refugee Action. Tickets are now on sale HERE

  • Vegan Supper 28th February 2020
  • 6th March 2020
  • 13th March 2020

About Imad

Imad Alarnab is a chef and restaurateur from Damascus who was forced to leave and seek asylum in the UK. He left behind a successful business including several restaurants and juice bars.

Read more about Imad and his kitchen in the Guardian and the Evening Standard or listen to the interview with Imad on Marlow FM