Second Tree Scouts

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What with all of the turmoil currently facing the world, it’s easy to forget that there remains room for positive news in our lives!

MRA recently caught up with James Perry, a volunteer from Marlow, who rejoined Second Tree, an organisation in Northern Greece, in July as their Scout Programme Coordinator.

He shared with us a brief overview of exactly how Second Tree are helping turn around the lives of some of the youngest refugees, by providing them a safe space to heal and grow…

The scouts programme has helped more than 300 refugees stuck in two refugee camps in northern Greece. 

The programme is available to all children aged 8-16, an age group that’s conscious of what displaced them and often lack support systems to help process their trauma. This can lead to anti-social behaviour and a lack of confidence, which also inhibits learning and positive self-development from taking place.

Our English classes, workshops and excursions have created a safe space where, despite their circumstances, young people of all genders and ethnicities can build their identity. 

Some children are given the responsibility of being scout leaders, acting as role models to their peers and assisting their teachers in supporting and delivering activities. The programme builds four core values in children: kindness, focus, responsibility and teamwork.

Concepts such as racial and gender equality are at the forefront of our programme which has resulted in over half of our participants being girls!